About us

Loxout is a new, revolutionary device that stops intruders from forcing doors open.

The door limiter was developed after our inventor, Graham Piper, was appalled when he saw thugs had forced their way into an older ladies home and beat her up before stealing her money. After further research, Graham realised that this was a common problem and typical door chains were not helping to protect people in their homes, as they can easily be broken with little force. Graham was committed to finding a way to stop this kind of crime from happening.

Using his knowledge as a carpenter and joiner, after 13 years of design concepts and testing, the new Loxout device is now available to help protect yours and your loved one's homes. It's much more effective than a door chain or bar which are relatively easy to break by force. It works by attaching the device to the top of the door frame and door using just 6 screws. When you want to open the door ajar, just as you would with a door chain, all you do is pull down the latch and you are then protected from any forced entry and the device will not break.

The Loxout door limiter has been through vigorous testing and has been approved by Sold Secure who are dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products.

Our mission is to protect you and your family and to reduce the number of horrific stories we hear of people being burgled and hurt in their own homes.