Loxout Door Limiter

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  • Acts as a door lock, but much sturdier, the Loxout door limiter can withstand considerable force.
  • Also acts as a security feature, preventing forced entry into the property, thanks to the mechanical spring latch system. The harder it's pushed, the stronger it holds.
  • Attached with star cut screws, which offer extra strength, making removal by force impossible.
  • Designed in Britain. 
  • The Left-Hand Door Limiter should be affixed inside, to a door that is hinged on the left-hand side.

Cutting-edge security

Loxout Limiter is a revolutionary home security system that reinforces entry points with its robust catch-lock mechanism. Fitted with a mechanical spring latch that is designed to strengthen upon resistance, and therefore, is sure to keep intruders at bay. This unique lock was designed with homeowners concerns in mind and to provide with a strong, reliable and economical security system

Easy to assemble

The unique system is supported by an innovative hardware design to prevent forced entry. Each mechanical part is fitted with quality materials that are tested to withstand pressure in various scenarios. Loxout Limiter can be fitted on a majority of wood and PVC doors with the provided instructions. The size of the gap that the door will be able to open will be determined by how close to the hinge of the door the limiter is installed.

Quality | Robust | Reliable

Home security is serious business and that’s why Loxout only uses durable materials to ensure your safety and comfort. Our products are rigorously tested to keep intruders out, giving you peace of mind that you are secure in your home. Your safety is our prime concern and Loxout Limiter is the advanced solution you need to protect your home and family.

Loxout Limiter is a groundbreaking solution to your home security needs. The innovative mechanical system reinforces your door from forced entry or home invasions without complicated systems, fancy hoops and faulty mechanics. It provides you with a security system that keeps you and your family safe.

Most home break-ins happen through unprotected doors and can result in a dangerous situation for homeowners. The threat alone leads to uneasiness and discomfort that can all be avoided by using defensive locks. Making it difficult for intruders to enter your home can make all the difference and give you the time to call the police or any other protective action.

Home security systems are often expensive and complicated to operate. Wireless systems are also often vulnerable to hacking which is ultimately counterproductive. That’s where Loxout Limiter comes in.

This practical and inventive device adds a layer of protection without the unnecessary bulk cost or technological vulnerabilities. It is the perfect solution to provide you with peace of mind while making it impossible for intruders to enter your safe space. This do-it-yourself Limiter is easy to install and requires no recurring fuss to turn security on or off. You get 24/7 protection inside your home.

Loxout Limiter provides advanced security and is constructed using durable and sustainable material that can withstand considerable force. It’s mechanical spring latch design makes it both child-safe and tamper resistant. Once installed, the lock cannot be fiddled with by bumping or lock picking; instead it only becomes stronger upon resistance. It can be applied to front or back doors and is compatible with most common door materials. Each limiter comes with instructions to make the installation process user-friendly.

Keep away intruders and unwanted guests with Loxout Limiter as your home security solution, and achieve peace of mind when it comes to your safety and security.

Revolutionary Loxout Door Limiter 

Product Features

I suffer with mobility, and after experiencing a break-in my wife and I weren't feeling safe in our home. I came across this product while looking for in-home security measures and was really impressed with the quality. It really is as tough as it says and offers piece of mind. We get a lot of door-to-door sales where we live and I know my wife feels better about answering the door, now that we have the Loxout lock.

I've been disappointed with door-chains in the past. They serve a purpose, but aren't as strong as they need to be if someone really wants to get in. My elderly mother lives alone and she sleeps more soundly after I fitted this product for her. Thankfully It hasn't been put to the test yet, but certainly seems robust.

My son fitted this device for me after a number of break-ins in the area. I had spotted someone in a van, driving around the estate, who seemed to be looking around the houses and walking up the drives of some of the houses opposite. I was concerned about a break-in and needed some level of security. This door-lock definitely makes me feel safer, and I am happier answering the door when I need to.

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